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Why sandblasting equipment needs compressed air as main power?

Compressed air is not only widely used in machine tools and equipment in the machining industry, but also in the metal surface processing industry, such as sandblasting equipment. Remove the surface oxide scale (corrosion), residual salt and welding slag of metal parts, welded parts, castings, forgings, etc. after heat treatment; clean up small burrs, burrs, and surface residues of machined parts; change the surface roughness Ra value of the workpiece; Pretreatment processing before spraying and electroplating on the workpiece surface can obtain an active surface and improve the adhesion of spraying and electroplating; it is used for the finishing of parts with high precision and complex shapes that are difficult to complete by other processing methods; old parts refurbishment and other machinery Sandblasting equipment is required to complete the surface treatment between processes in the processing industry. The main power source of sandblasting equipment is compressed air.

Sandblasting equipment requires compressed air to have a certain pressure and sufficient flow. Without a certain pressure, the electromagnetic valve cannot be opened, and the control mechanism will not work normally; without sufficient flow, the abrasive of the sandblasting machine cannot be sprayed onto the processed metal surface with the gas. It is difficult to form impact strength. Secondly, compressed air has certain cleanliness and dryness requirements. Cleanliness requires that the oil content in the gas source, the quality of dust and impurities, and the particle size should be controlled within a small range. Dryness refers to the amount of moisture contained in the compressed air. The lower the water content of the sandblasting machine, the better. Although the compressed air discharged by the compressor meets certain pressure and flow requirements, the compressed air contains moisture and dust. After being compressed by the air compressor, it is mixed with the lubricating oil to form a gaseous mixture In the sandblasting machine, it is mixed with the sprayed abrasive to blast the metal surface of the workpiece, which will cause the surface roughness of the workpiece to fail to meet the quality requirements of the workpiece. Therefore, in order to proetect sandblasting equipment, a moisture water separator needs to be installed to remove bulk liquid and the high-



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