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Do You Know The Importance Of Compressed Air In Food Industry?

Today, when the automation of food companies is highly developed, compressed air is commonly used. For some special processes in the food industry, compressed air may also come into direct contact with the product. Like some special chemical zones, the air may have been polluted. If the pollutants are directly in contact with the food without separation, various physical and chemical reactions such as adsorption and absorption may occur with the food, which will eventually cause physical harm to consumers and cause damage to the company. Production brings unnecessary losses.

Many companies do not know the pollutants and pollution sources in the compressed air, so they ignore the compressed air in the hazard analysis process. YUN AIR TECHNOLOGY provides compressed air and separation equipment such as compressed air dryers, air in-line filters, and air-water separators to maximize prevent the risk of food contamination.

Direct contact: compressed air is used as part of the process of production and processing, including the packaging and transportation of safe food, and the compressed air in direct contact with the finished food or its ingredients is used as a part of the production process.

For example: using air cooling and moving finished products from one process to another, compressed air should have the same quality priority as any other ingredients.

Indirect contact: Refers to the compressed air discharged into the general environment of food, including its packaging, processes and production equipment or the storage location of food and its ingredients.

For example: using compressed air to blow PET bottles or preparing and opening the bag before pouring the food, similar to a valve activated by compressed air near the finished food or its ingredients.



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