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Cas No. 149-32-6
Molecular Formula:C4H10O4
Specification: 99.5%
Quality Standard: GB26404-2011/ USP32/ EP 7.0/FCC
Advantage :Bulk stock in USA warehouse,Hot sale in USA Marketing;
Application :Use for health care product and food additive;


What Is Bulk Erythritol?

Bulk erythritol is a polyol which is another name for sugar alcohol (a type of sugar substitute) which has been approved for use in the United States and throughout much of the world. It occurs naturally in mushrooms, fermented foods, and various fruits, such as grapes, melons and pears, and it is also found in supplement form as a crystalline powder. Laxative side effects sometimes associated with excessive polyol consumption are unlikely when consuming Erythritol.

Bulk erythritol has been certified as tooth-friendly. The sugar alcohol cannot be metabolized by oral bacteria, and so does not contribute to tooth decay. Interestingly, Erythritol exhibits some, but not all, of Xylitol's tendency to "starve" harmful bacteria. Unlike Xylitol, Erythritol is actually absorbed into the bloodstream after consumption but before excretion.

Erythritol Powder offers a simple solution for both health and indulgence. Our Erythritol is 70% as sweet as table sugar, and contains virtually no calories.Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols, also called polyols, are sugar substitutes that occur naturally in plants and starches.Our erythritol bulk is not genetically modified, does not contain any genetically modified proteins, and is Gluten-Free.

Bulk Erythritol Benefits

1. Anti-Diabetic Properties

Bulk Erythritol does not increase serum levels of glucose or insulin in your body, while the same dose of glucose raises insulin levels rapidly within 30 minutes.It also does not have any significant effect on the serum levels of total cholesterol, triacylglycerol, and free fatty acids.

Erythritol is safe to consume and is, in fact, a better option for diabetic patients because more than 90% of ingested erythritol is readily absorbed and excreted through urine without degradation 

2. Helps In Weight Loss And Management

Sucrose has an adverse effect on your weight and adiposity build-up. Most health enthusiasts and people trying to lose weight stop the intake of sugar and switch to artificial sweeteners if they cannot go completely sugarless.

Erythritol bulk has a very low glycemic index (GI=0). Adding it to your beverages, muffins, or sweets will reduce the blood glucose build-up that triggers weight gain.Although it caused weight gain in some cases, erythritol plays an essential role in managing weight, especially among obese individuals.

3. Prevents Tooth Decay (Non-Cariogenic)

Bulk Erythritol suppresses the growth of oral bacteria, such as Streptococcus, which form a biofilm on your teeth and cause tooth decay.Inhibition of microbial growth leads to a reduction in the acid produced by your gut. This way, the teeth don’t develop caries and plaques.

When compared to other natural and synthetic sweeteners – like xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, and sucralose – erythritol takes the longest to form plaque and is the mildest of all.

Owing to these properties, dentists can use erythritol as a matrix in subgingival air polishing, replacing the traditional root scaling in periodontal therapy.

4. Gut-Friendly And Non-Acidogenic

Since erythritol bulk is a small four-carbon molecule, it gets easily digested in your gut. Also, because it has a very low glycemic index, it gets digested slowly and almost completely.Unlike sucralose, xylitol, sorbitol or mannitol, whose remnants can be found in the large intestines, about 90% of erythritol gets absorbed.This is why you have lesser acidity and flatulence when you take about 50 g/kg of erythritol, while other sweeteners cause watery stools, nausea, and diarrhea at 20-30 g/kg intake.

5. Potent Antioxidant Activity

Erythritol is an excellent scavenger of free radicals. The sugar alcohol forms erythrose and erythrulose that are excreted through urine.It scavenges hydroxyl free radicals specifically and can protect your body from cardiovascular damage, hyperglycemia-induced disorders, and lipid peroxidation.




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