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How to Choose a Creditable Scissors Supplier to Support Your Business

Choosing a reputable scissors supplier for your business is crucial. If you partner with an unreliable supplier or don’t deliver high-quality scissors, your company will suffer. It will be difficult for you to provide well-priced scissors that meet your customer’s expectations.


So how do you choose a creditable scissors supplier to support your business? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps so you can avoid being saddled by an unreliable vendor. Here are vital measures to weed out bad suppliers and ensure you find a reliable wholesale scissors supplier:

1. Set a criteria

Before you start looking for suppliers, you should set criteria that a potential supplier needs to meet. Some examples are:

● Lead time - How long are you willing to wait from placing your order to receiving the finished products? If your supplier ships from overseas, you also have to consider the shipping time.

● MOQ (Minimum Order Requirement) - Establish your budget first. From there, define how much you can order at a time. Suppliers often set a minimum order quantity, which refers to the least amount of units required you can purchase at a time.

● Quality assurance - Delivering high-quality scissors is essential, so you should make sure your supplier takes steps to guarantee product quality.

● Return Policy - If you are not satisfied with the products, are you allowed to return them? Decide on what terms and conditions work for you.

● Payment terms and conditions - Determine the means and ways you want to pay for your orders. If your payment channels are incompatible, it will be impossible for you to move forward.

● Communication standards - Communication is imperative. Make sure your supplier is responsive, and they have the same communication channels as you. Also, if you are planning to look for suppliers overseas, ensure you can communicate despite language barriers.

2. Start your search

Nowadays, you no longer have to search for suppliers by doing actual legwork. The internet is a great resource, and you can easily browse through the many options online.


You can find existing products on various online marketplaces. One of the most popular is Alibaba. It connects you to a scissors manufacturer in China for custom products. You only have to type and search for scissors suppliers and manufacturers on the Alibaba website. This eCommerce marketplace also lets you vet suppliers based on qualifications if they are verified, a gold supplier, and has trade assurance.


Additionally, Google is a go-to place for finding suppliers. To make sure you get quality search results, use keywords like “scissors manufacturer,” “wholesale scissors supplier,” “scissors supplier,” and “scissors manufacturer in China.”

3. Shortlist your options

After gathering a list of suppliers that meet your criteria, it’s time to narrow down your options. To ensure your scissors supplier is “creditable,” you may want to check their reviews from other businesses. In eCommerce, reputation is essential. One factor in ensuring a reputable supplier is if they don’t have any reviews of stealing product ideas or undercutting other businesses.


Good suppliers also often provide security to protect your business. They do this by offering insurance and fraud protection. Finally, check if the supplier is a wholesale supplier or a private label manufacturer depending on your business model. Suppliers may be a manufacturer as well.

4. Collect information

At this point, one of your biggest questions is, “How much will it cost?” For good measure, collect up to three quotes from different suppliers. Before sending quotes, ask the following questions:

● What is the cost per unit? After establishing your MOQ, you’d want to know how much each unit costs. Typically, the larger your order, the lower the cost per unit.

● What are shipping costs? Shipping fees take up a considerable portion of your business expenses, especially if you order overseas.

● Are there any setup fees? Some scissors manufacturers and suppliers may ask for a setup fee to prepare the equipment and raw materials needed to produce the scissors. Ensure you are aware of any similar fees.

5. Request for quotes

The next step is to call out for bids. Suppliers will ask you to fill in their Request for Proposal (RFP) form or Request for Quotation (RFQ) form. Answer these forms as detailed as you can. Include all the information about the scissors, like the delivery date, quantity, and quality standards you need.


You can also take this opportunity to communicate with the vendors about their policies and processes. Ask if they have modern equipment for manufacturing their scissors and learn about their design process and raw materials sourcing. For example, using stainless steel imported from Japan in their scissors ensures it lasts long and stays sharp.


Additionally, ensuring your supplier has a reliable supply chain also gives you peace of mind you will not experience product shortages in the future.

6. Evaluate bids

When you receive quotes, you can start evaluating your options. Compare the suppliers and determine which one matches your quality standards and budget. Also, take note of the pricing so you won’t cut into your profit margin from the production and shipping costs.


Once you decide on a supplier, you may also ask if they can provide a product sample before placing a complete order. These will serve as control samples so you can guarantee quality and ensure it’s consistent throughout.


When you’re in the contract stage, make sure you understand all the clauses before signing. Some suppliers may also offer a short-term contract that will serve as a trial run.

7. Place your order and monitor

After conducting a quality control check and deciding that you’re happy with everything, it’s time to place an order. Continue keeping tabs on your supplier to make sure they follow their commitments.


A good and creditable scissors supplier will consistently ship orders on time, ensure complete orders, and deliver high-quality scissors. Doing your due diligence by defining your criteria upfront, asking questions, and staying informed will help you partner with a legitimate supplier. It only requires patience, perseverance, and planning to land the perfect partner in your venture.

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